BRW School Architecture


Wednesday afternoon was a gorgeous day to get out of the office.  The sun was shining and the traffic was not nearly as tragic as I imagined.  BRW principal and former CEFPI North Texas Chapter president, Lisa Lamkin, AIA and I drove together to Fort Worth ISD’s Polytechnic High School.  We were scheduled to attend a CEFPI board meeting at the school and afterward have a quick lunch while visiting the High School’s new Community Garden.


It was a little over a year ago that the school started their Community Garden with the award money they received from the CEFPI.  The real treat of the day was when the students proudly showed the CEFPI Board members around the different vegetables and herbs that they planted.

ppoly 2

ppoly 22

The first CEFPI Impact award was a clear success and I look forward to seeing what school wins this year’s award, and what they will do to improve their school environment.  The award application date has been extended to June 12 this year so if you know of a school in need, be sure to direct them here.



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