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Recently, I spoke at the Knowledge is Power Conference held in Dallas, TX.  This event is designed to support and stimulate the growth of minority and women-owned businesses located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.  The event’s sponsors included Dallas ISD, Dallas County Community Colleges (DCCCD), and City of Dallas.  I sat on the Knowledge is Power Roundtable with other local Business Owners and CEOs.  When asked “How do small companies survive in a tough economy,” I had the opportunity to share my 10 Small Business Survival Techniques:

There are ten simple steps to survive.

  1. Focus your plan.  Who is buying now and what do they need now?  How can I reach them?
  2. Sharpen your sword!  How can I deliver better or faster?  Changing what needs to be changed.
  3. Tailor your message.  Use website or ezine.  Focus on the current potential before the long term
  4. Dress the part.  Have a cohesive message.  Be consistent with your story: graphics, attire, website, storefront.
  5. Land on your purpose.  Focus on what you WANT not what you DON’T WANT.
  6. Ask a Mentor.  Honest assessment has incredible value.
  7. Be a duck.  Calm on the surface, but furiously paddling.  Don’t panic in public.
  8. Don’t make your world too small.  For example: You are not a tutor.  You are an Educational Consultant.
  9. Be a little crazy.  The sane people work for someone else.
  10. Be TOUGH.

             T – Tailor your message.

             O – Out think the competition- make your story compelling.

             U – Understand your customer.

             G – Get in front of the right audience.

             H – Have what the buyer needs. Have Fun!! Or Fake it!

Click here to download the panel handout from the conference.


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